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Board of Directors

The affairs of the Arkansas Winds is managed and controlled by a board of directors which consists of nine (9) persons. The Music Director will serve as ex-officio member of the Board. Members of the board will serve staggered terms of three (3) years each, with three (3) of the existing members elected in three (3) successive years. Any member of the board may enlist assistance from the general band population for the successful completion of the duties of their office in a timely manner.

Office Name E-mail Address Occupation Board Term
Music Director Mike Ferguson Music Store Manager (Ex-Officio)
President Allen Fields Project Manager 2015-2018
Vice President Linda Cullers Commerical Artist 2016-2019
Event Coordinator
Susan Shelton Retired music teacher 2017-2020
Treasurer Danny Falk Associate Pastor 2016-2019
Librarian Laura Jane Jeweler 2016-2019
Membership Coordinator Andrew McQuie Carpenter 2015-2018
Program Coordinator Richard Russell Facilities manager 2017-2020
Publicity Manager Chris Kaiser Pharmacist 2015-2018
Web Master/
Shelby Hanson Accountant 2017-2020